Wish you could find all of your wellness resources in one place? —me too!

So here it is!

Here, you'll find all of the resources that I mention in my blog posts, as well as some that I haven't quite got round to talking about yet—oh to be human! If you think of something that I would love learning about and should be included — reach out!

Let's learn together!

Wholesome Resources

The Science of Gratitudes (Business-Oriented)

This is a wonderful article from Forbes that looks into how gratitudes are used in a workspace. It taps into the hard wiring of our brains, why we are the way we are and how you can have a positive influence on your workspace and start to change that. While you might not have the authority to take on your office, this article has some takeaways that you can integrate into your home!

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do and How to Change

Just to clear the air, I don't get commissions for advocating for this book—I just think it's absolutely BOMB. Through a series of examples, contained and uncontained psychological experiments...even some happy accidents, you'll get the low-down on habit formations. 

How Long Does It Actually Take to Form a New Habit

James Clear —author of Atomic Habit— blasts the 21-day theory out the water with a great case study. 

A Note on Culture Appropriation and Yoga

This is a blog post that you need to read! It offers an insight into the colonisation and appropriate of yoga in the West as well as further links to three amazing yoga teachers that you can connect with and learn from.

The Ultimate Guide to Self Healing Techniques Vol. 2

Take a deep breath now. This absolute game-changing book is going to challenge you in ways that you didn't know you were ready for! Put together by Laura Di Franco, The Ultimate Guide to Self Healing Vol.2 contains 25 wonderful healers' stories. Within these stories, you'll receive the tools you need to tap into your healing journey.


Having first made an appearance on Netflix — of all places? — HeadSpace is a meditation app that welcomes mindfulness into your life with ease. The app is design to be fun and approachable to make mindfulness a practice that anyone can welcome into their life — as it should be! The sample meditations will give you a feel for the app before you have to invest.

Meditating Outside: Benefits & Happiness Insights

Ah... I love this article so much! It makes me want to howl with the trees. It offers some detailed advice on how to use nature with all its wonderful fresh air and bird song to start your meditation practice. And, you get to tap into the harmony that nature brings... as well as its wonderfully chaotic and unpredictable nature—awesome.

Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results

More of a self-help style book for habit-forming and how you can use it to change your life. Here, you'll find lots of tit-bits for hacking into the diry habits you've always wanted to change, and how to integrate healthy ones too. 

Tejal Yoga

Just in case you didn't read the South Asian yoga teacher article yet, look up Tejal Patel.  She's an advocate for yoga and social justice and is working to decolonise the space that yoga holds in western society through diverse and super inclusive classes and teachings. Her practice is based on the 8 limbs of yoga and she offers personalised classes both online and in-person.

Aham Yoga

I'm super excited to share this one! Aham yoga was founded by Arundhati Baitmangalkar, who is passionate about sharing the ancient teachings of yoga mixed in with modern approaches. On her website, you'll find her blog and podcast that dives deep into all things yoga as well as the opportunity to do trainings—Seattle-based, but sometimes online.

Insight Timer

To get you started on meditation, Insight Timer is a mobile app that has hundreds of thousands of meditation and yoga practices that you can follow. Ranging from breathwork to deep healing practices and musical accompaniments, the filters and settings of this app are super intuitive, meaning you'll easily find something to suit you.

A Note on the Divine Feminine

In life, we need balance. When we are inbalanced, all sort of things can happen! In this article, Deepak Chopra, the guru himself, goes into the importance of the Divine Feminine in all of us and aspects that we can focus on to keep her balanced with the Divine Masculine. This is a great website and worth browsing after your read!