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Give your life the wholesome boost you deserve. This starter guide will walk you through the steps you need to take to start forming healthy habits that you can maintain—with action items!


Your starter guide to living your life wholesome is the ultimate introduction that'll walk you through steps to take ACTION on your wholesome life. 

Habits For Life

You'll begin to form long-term habits that have positive impact on your life.  


You'll kick-start healthy changes with accountable actions. And a buddy to help you out.


You're investing in your own wellness journey that focuses on positivity.

My Story

I want this website to be about you! About steering you in the right direction to live a more balanced lifestyle. 

But to get to that, I need to be clear some things. This is a journey. And, trust me, there's hiccups along the way!  

I hope you feel comfortable in this space, and supported as you discover your own path. My intention here is to create and build on the resources that are available and put them all in one place. I want to help you get started on your wellness journey.

And to do that, I need to brutally honest with ya's so here we go...

Wholesome life FAQs

Isn't this a diet?

Nope! It's a lifestyle. Diets are short-term routines with short-term outcomes. In fact, most diets are not safe to do long-term. 

A wholesome life is a long-term journey with positive effects, as proven by ancient gurus, scientists and just about everyone... I've just given it my own name because I think it's wholesome AF. This resource is for guidance, and shouldn't be taken as a rule. It's your body, listen to it.

How long does it take to form a healthy habit?

There are lots of studies into this, personally I'm fascinated, I've always been a psychology geek. 

According to the most famous books, Atomic Habit and Power of Habit, it takes anything from 1 month to year to form a habit... of any kind. I'm an advocate for this, having practiced what was preached. 

You have to be patient... and basically trick yourself. It's pretty cool.  

What is meditation?

Meditation is getting some peace and quiet! 

It's a powerful tool popularised in the media today, however, it's been popular for literally thousands of years.

The idea is that you sit or lie down and concentrate on the flow of the breath going through you. At first, your body will think it's time to sleep but once you've gotten into the habit, you'll reach a meditative state, which basically means being completely relaxed.

What are the four pillars of health?

Excellent question. 

The four pillars of health are the main ingredients that come together to make you a healthy person:

  • relaxation
  • nutrition
  • movement
  • rest

They work together to offer balance in your life and are the combined resource of peacefulness and happiness.

How long do you recommend 'living wholesome' for?


...or as long as you want.

It's really up to you. This is a journey... and most importantly it's yours. I just want you to know that this resource is here for your reference as you go.

Should I go vegan?

...if you want to. 

Veganism as a concept is great. If your body agrees with all of the foods that you need —I repeat, NEED— to eat to stay healthy with a vegan lifestyle then by all means, go for it.

Living your life wholesome is primarily about the more plant-based side.

How is a plant-based lifestyle different from a vegan lifestyle?

A plant-based lifestyle focused on minimising or completely excluding processed foods to focus on wholesome ingredients that deliver all of the nutrients you need to be as healthy as possible.

A vegan lifestyle is primarily focused on not consuming goods that have harmed animals in the process of being made or have come directly from an animals. By "consuming" this means, eating, using, wearing, taking part in... all forms of consumption.

Do I HAVE to do the movement part?


Exercise can be as simple as walking around the block.

Movement sits at the foundation of happiness. And it doesn't have to be a HIIT that makes you want to throw up. With this community I want to cultivate positivity around exercise, and this starts with how we talk about it.

Break All The Rules And Live Your life Wholesome

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