You're trapped in a vicious cycle of failing at health. 

You jump from the latest exercise fad to restrictive health plan. But nothing. seems. to be. enough.

These aspects of health are tangible, relatable, and (for most) unavoidable elements of your life that result in someone, somewhere making a little money. By reading this, today is your day to break the vicious cycle. 

The thing is, good health is attainable, it feels good, and it's not complicated, when you look at all of the four pillar of good health.

Read on to learn just how easy they are to integrate into your life.

Benefits of Good Health

When you’re healthy, you don’t really think, wow — I feel healthy today!

Good health is you on a good day. You feel well-rested and energised. Maybe, you spend the day outdoors or with family and friends. This happiness that you feel? That’s the biggest benefit of good health. 

When you’re really healthy:

  • You're supported
  • You understand what your body needs (and you give it that)
  • There's balance in your life
  • You feel strong in your body and mind
  • You respect your limits
  • You've got time for FUN

The long-term benefits extend to positive gut health and confidence oozing from your bones. Let’s not forget, there’s much less chance of having illnesses caused by long-term stress including heart conditions, arthritis and Type 2 diabetes — eh, no thank you!

Why is Good Health SO Complicated?

It’s not.

Endless dieting trends makes good health seem like something you’re never get right because they only ever provide short-term benefits. It appears complicated because you're encouraged to chase it like a donkey trying to get the carrot.

There are too many hurdles in life to make your health a pipedream.

To have good health, all you need consistency, balance and touch of patience

So, What are the Four Pillars of Good Health?

The four pillars of good health are like scales, you tip a little into each and keep going until you get the right balance. Only you'll know how much you need. 

Some days you’ll need more of one than the other, and other times, you’ll struggle to get it right. It’s a balancing act, and a life lesson all-in-one.
exercise good health

Let’s Get Physical

Thanks, Madonna — I will!

Physical health is taking care to move your body. It doesn’t have to be strenuous HIIT, shred or the latest agony-inducing exercise trainers are making. You just. have. to move regularly

Training and finding strength through exercising regularly allows your body to circulate and support you. You might be sighing, recalling the last time you tried out a gym membership and wasted your money. However, to get the motivation to move your body regularly, you need to generate some positivity around it

Next time you exercise, notice how you talk to yourself, take note of phrases like ‘it’s nearly over’ or words like 'torture' and think about how you can change the narrative. Exercise shouldn’t have to be a negative experience. And these words have more of an effect than you might think. 

By changing the narrative, you might just find yourself getting more excited about exercising. 

I’m on a power girl mission to get folks on this — try it out!

mental health

Cognition Premonition 

Brain health, hey? 

Your cognitive health is a combination of your emotions and spirituality. This can also be seen as how you connect with others — they’re all linked together in the end. 

To make this more tangible, taking care of your cognitive health can translate into checking in with yourself, noticing when you feel stressed, uncomfortable or not quite yourself. 

Emotional health is often compensated out of a feeling of obligation. It’s fairly common to feel forced to do things that make us unhappy. Whether it’s a stressful job, not having a need met or burn-out, at one point or another emotional and spiritual health are sacrificed to meet someone else’s expectation of you. 

It’s time to look inward, and as a friend of mine once said, “sit down and have a conversation with yourself”. Ask you what you need and how you can get it.


You might be surprised by the answers.

nutrition good health

Nutrition Mission

Let's get something straight. Short-term diets are dangerous for your body. 

Nutrition and a balanced diet are probably the most problematic because it's the ones that people focus on the most. But they can also be the easiest to get right if you listen to body instead of the latest trend. The solution brings us back to the word consistency. It sits at the root of all good health because this isn’t a short-term experiment — it’s a framework for life.

Your body likes consistency. When you choose to diet, it causes physical strains on your body as it struggles to work out what the fuck is going on. 

Instead of forcing your body through diet after diet, think about how you can make subtle, sustainable changes to your eating habits. This can be as small as swapping your "fasting" period for a bowl of fruit.

Feeding your body with a variety of wholefoods and grains is the best way to maintain gut health and eventually lose weight in the most natural and safe way possible, if that's what you want. This is your journey — you know what’s right.

rest good health

Resting and Testing

Not to be confused with pressing and stressing — but often compensated for it!

You probably don’t rest as much as you need to. I know I don’t.

No matter where you look, you’re being told to do more — experiment more, learn more things, watch more TV, follow more trends... And there’s no freakin’ time! It’s easy to get lost in it all... no matter how grounded you think you are. 

By taking time out, you digest all this information and allow yourself to learn from the information you take in. Resting is a tool to process. By scheduling time to be alone, without even trying, your body will start to feel more rested and heal from the stress that you might not even know that you had. 

This is a simple cure with truly profound effects. You’ll feel the energy come to you in the most spectacular ways and find that physical strains are lessened because of it. 

So go on... take a nap, lie in the sun — you deserve it.

Why Do You Need to Have Them All?

To light a fire you need three components. Without all three, the fire will either not light or go out super quick.

You should look at your health this way. 

Burnout, illnesses, conditions are the sacrifice that put the fire out.

This isn’t to say, your health is always going to be a roaring fire. But, in time, you're going to learn how to keep it from going out. It's all about balance.

Don't chase the carrot... But know your strength.  By taking care of all four pillars of health, you'll know when you can tip a little more into one scale and less into an other without putting the fire out.

Planning to climb a hill? Are you rested or are you tired? 

Want to have a big night on the town with the girls? 

Ask yourself the same question.

Your body needs to be well fueled to recover!

...Did I mention balance?

One of the best resources for more on the pillars of good health is Dr Chatterjee, a health master and thought leader in the four pillars of health. I’ve tried to find other resources for you, but no one hits it on the head like Dr. Chatterjee does.

What Do I Do Now?

Take a break, go for a walk. Let all this information sink in — rest and digest baby.

Your balancing act starts today. I’ve made a very simple starter guide — complete with a check list for accountability — to get you started on your wholesome journey. It’s based off the four pillars of good health and is super simple. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments or drop me a message!

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