Rise and shine!

Mornings are sacred.

From the moment you wake up, your first movements are how you will start your day. If you’re 20-something, the chances are that first movement is to grab your phone. The most common, and most unhealthy habit of all.

Cue the instant rush of information about other people’s lives!

Healthy mornings are sacred.

Getting off to a peaceful start will ease the stress and improve your overall focus; let’s tap into some fun, and easy ways to greet the day.

Keep Your Phone Outside the Bedroom

Such a simple thing could change your day.

By keeping your mobile phone out of your room, you’ll lessen your chances of wanting to look at it in bed.

Choosing to not look at your phone in bed reduces anxiety and stress levels as you take more time completely for yourself, away from the constant information overload that social media can be.

After some research and experiments, psychologists found that keeping your phone out of reach when in bed can actually improve sleep.

However, what I found most interesting with this habit is that overtime, your addictive behaviours lessen too.

Whether you like it or not, if you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling or grabbing your phone first thing in the morning – you’re addicted to the device.

This is a great technique to break the addiction. You’ll soon find that other addictive behaviours start to ease off to.

Meditate, Don’t Hate

I’ve talked a lot about meditation on this blog already: the noticeable benefits and the long-term effects that it can have on your life.

The best time to tap into your breath is early in the morning when nothing else is on your mind (because you haven’t looked at your phone).

Instead of opening your laptop and making those lists in your mind, an addition to your healthy morning routine can be as little as five minutes of meditation a day. And it cna start to change your life — that’s not an exaggeration!

As you become more familiar with the practice, you’ll start to find it easier and easier to do those five minutes. Before you know, it will be ten.

Avoid the Snooze Button

Willpower is a funny thing. When it comes to the snooze button, it’s so easy to give up (— I do!)

Next time you decide to skip the extra snooze, take notice of how your day goes after.

Recent experiments have looked into the prolonged feeling of grogginess in the morning to see what health morning routines really look like. As it turns out, the more you hit the snooze button, the longer it will take you to wake up properly.

… suddenly the snooze button doesn’t sound all that great.

Honestly, the first time I heard someone say they skip the snooze button – I was shocked.

I thought the snooze button was the best thing ever invented. Then, I started to realise how much longer it took me to be fully active in the day after hitting it.

Three Gratitudes

Another habit that I love to talk about!

It only takes a minute.

Think of three things you’re grateful for.

Food, water, your mum – anything you like. Now write it down.

Practicing gratitude is both a mindfulness practice rooted in meditation and science—which is super cool!

It takes 21 days to start forming a healthy habit. By writing down three gratitudes a day for those 21 days, you’ll start to notice your thoughts become a little more positive, and even a boost in your overall happiness. It’s even thought to reduce headaches… but, let me know about that one.

It’s the little things…

They really do count — get writing!

Water of Life

How often you drink water can have a knock-on effect on many aspects of your life. It doesn’t stop at hydration. It only just begins.

Drinking water regularly —just a few pints a day— breathes life into your skin, aids with digestion, improves the health of your hair and fuels energy into your brain and body.

But we’re talking about mornings here.

When you wake up in the morning while going about your routine, meditation and all; drink at least a small glass of water to flush out all that morning grog.

Drinking water at your most receptive time of day (the morning) welcomes in benefits that you will see immediately, as well as in the long-run.

Bright Room, Bright Morning

There is a common misconception around the light that you let into your room.

When you think of setting up your bedroom as a sanctuary for sleep, the immediate thought is heavy curtains that shut out all of the natural light until you are ready for it. For this, blackout blinds create a cosy space that keeps out the heat of the summer sun and the cold of the winter.

However, in doing this, you’re shutting out valuable vitamins and energy that your body needs in the early hours of the morning.

When you welcome in natural light, your body wakes up in its most natural way: with the sun, or the light of day. It’s a small adjustment, but it’s worth it.

Natural light offers a welcome boost of vitamin D that you can access at most times of the year.

With this vitamin D, you’ll find you get better sleep, can fight off seasonal depression a little longer and gain more energy – all from welcoming in light to your morning!

Not all countries have the joy of natural light throughout the year. In the winter months, it can feel like you haven’t seen light in days.

Light therapy or vitamin D supplements are valuable alternatives when nature isn’t giving you the goods. In addition to these, getting out into nature and breathing in fresh air as and when you can will really make a difference.

Get Going: Welcome in Healthy Mornings

Mornings are tricky, but they don’t have to be a slog. By using this time to take care of yourself, you’ll find that your mindset quickly starts to change for better: healthy mornings make them the BEST time of day.

It’s important to remember that habits are not formed over night. Be patient with yourself and take all the time that you need.

You’ll quickly start to see the mood shift, giving you the energy, calmness and the vitality that you need for a great day from having a healthy morning routine.

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