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With travel on hold, I’ve decided to switch it up a little bit around here. I want to add a little more personal elements into this blog. So I thought I’d dip into some lifestyle and wellness, how I like to do things and the benefits that you could get out of doing the same. I want to share a little of my journey.

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First, up essential oils.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are pure extracts of ingredients that have been use holistically and medicinally for millennia. Ranging from lavender and cinnamon to citronella and peppermint, each essential oil comes meets a range of needs that you encounter in every day life.

Essential oils are known as life changing ointments. The aromas that they release into the air calm the mind and the herbal concentrates ease the body; healing ailments, improving hair strength and even softening skin. Aromatherapy practitioners also advocate for essential oils reducing anxiety.

When used correctly, they can be great alternatives to chemical products in your household and beauty routine. However, I have to emphasise on the ‘when used correctly’ part.

If used incorrectly, essential oils can become poison. It’s important to note that you only need to use a few drops at a time. Excessive use of essential oils have been known to cause adverse and horrific reactions in the body – be careful!

Essential oils should only come into contact with the skin when diluted. When you do, make sure to test on a small patch of your skin to see if there are any noticeable changes. Just as you would a medicine, read the packaging before using your chosen essential oils and do not use them for anything other than what is suggested. 

I’ll take the opportunity here to say that I am not an aromatherapist, the suggestions below are what I have chosen to use essential oils for based on my own research and experiences.

Let’s jump in:

Your Natural Air Freshener

The most common, easiest and safest way to use essential oils is through a diffuser. There are a range of diffuser styles that you can choose from. No matter what you choose, the concept is the same, by adding a few drops of your chosen essential oil into the diffuser with water, you’ll create an irresistible aroma in your home.

You can choose what essential oil to diffuse based on how you are feeling.

Essential oils you can diffuse and what they do:
Lavender – If you are just starting to use essential oils, go for lavender. This is my personal favourite! Its properties create a relaxing atmosphere, reduce anxiety and can even help with sleep

Ylang-Ylang – The calming smell of ylang-ylang balances the energy of the body. The relaxing essence of this oil is restorative, bringing the masculine and feminine energies to meet each other

Cinnamon – This warming essential oil makes a house feel like a home. Diffusing it can ease anxiety, depression and help with sleep

Clary Sage – Another favourite for those starting! Clary sage taps into your cortisol levels which is where your stress hides, and clears them up with its aroma. Traditionally, sage is used for cleansing and generating focus

A Household Essential

There is a common misconception around the idea of nauseating, toxic products cleaning your home. Yes, they clean your home but they are not the only product to do so. Sustainable, natural and good smelling products are starting to take over homes across the world – and it’s about time!

A combination that I like to use that is readily available and easy to create is a combination of vinegar, water and peppermint oil. The vinegar cuts into the dirt, the peppermint keeps away the bugs and cleans, and the water dilutes them both. Having this in a spray bottle for everyday use creates a fresh, crisp clean feel in your home without causing you to inhale toxic chemicals. For a stronger combination, baking soda is incredible!

You can this combination of vinegar and peppermint to any of your cleaning products, providing they are already natural.

Other essential oils that are good for cleaning:
Lemon – The sweet smell of lemons freshens up the air, cuts through bacteria and is a natural antioxidant. Lemon is great for tough cleaning jobs

Peppermint – While leaving a fresh feeling in the home, peppermint has anti-fungal properties to protect your home making it great as a general cleaning product

Eucalyptus – The anti-inflammatory properties of eucalyptus are great to ease allergies and stop mould from growing, you can diffuse this and use it for surfaces too

Pine – As an essential oil that is used commercially, pine oil reduces mold, mildew and e-coli in the home while smelling subtly fresh

Beauty Products

Both your skin and your hair are porous and therefore absorb all that you put on it. Depending on your hair and skin type, this can really limit what you apply to them.

If you have oily skin, serums and oils for your skin are a terrible idea. However, with essential oil blends this is not the case. Natural serums for your skin are much lighter than their chemical counterparts. The same goes for hair too! Add essential oils to your beauty products or making diluted blends to be used solo for soothing and strengthening products for your skin and hair.

Let’s look at some oils you can use in your beauty products:
Geranium – This fragrant flower activates cell regeneration to restore and heal the body. This is ideal for skin or hair damage

Frankincense – Having been a healer for millennia, this oil is filled with restorative agents. Adding a little to anything can start to heal sun and heat damage and reduce scarring

Tea Tree – Adding a little tea tree into your skin care will help to heal acne with its antibacterial properties. As it soaks in, you’ll have the added boost of illness protection

Lavender – The hydrating and healing properties of lavender strengthen cells and cleanse pores – great for dry skin and hair

This beginners guide gives you an idea what is possible for essential oils. This is just the starting point for these versatile ingredients! With knowledge, care and attention, essential oils are wonderful healing additions to your product range to protect you and your home.

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