Updated April 2021. Due to the affects of Coronavirus on the city, this list is ever-changing. I’m trying to keep it as updated as possible. I appreciate your patience 🙂

As a city that is very much the gateway to the infamous Hoi An, you might be surprised to hear that Da Nang has a plethora of western food just waiting for you to get your teeth into.

Da Nang is a city that rapidly on the rise, and the only thing that is growing as fast as its collection of high-rise hotels is the number of foreigners that are looking to make Da Nang their new home.

While the number of foreigners living in the city is continuously changing due to the comings and goings of short-term travellers and now, coronavirus, one thing is for sure; western food lovers will not be disappointed.

There’s lots to choose from here, so here’s a rundown of what is on offer in Da Nang;


Ah, wholesome pizza, we all love it, we all crave it but finding good pizza is a difficult task.

The options in this city cover everything; from the more traditional flavours to the out-there options that will leave you wondering why eclectic combinations had not been presented to you before.

Top of the list is 4P’s Pizza, a Japanese-Italian fusion chain restaurant that will make your heart skip a beat. They have restaurants in Saigon (HCMC), Hanoi and Da Nang, having just opened their second venue in the city with a taster bar too.

More classical options on the list are in the An Thuong “Tourist Area” (there are quotation marks because realistically, this is the expat/foreigner area), such as Torino, the restaurant-cum-bakery or L’italiano, with its more traditional roots. New to the list is Gordon’s pizza which is run by a New Yorker who started selling his vegetarian New York style pizza at Son Tra Night Market and now has a craft beer and pizza place in the area.


Nested between new hotels, nail salons and surf shops there are three burger places right next to each other: Valhalla, Surf Shack and Burger Bros.

While Burger Bros is the original, and rumour has it, the first western food restaurant in the city, there is a constant debate about who serves up the best burgers across the city. For most, you’ll find that each restaurant serves a different purpose for what you want in a burger.

Some go for greasy and messy, others go for lots of toppings, and some want the highest quality of meat; some want no meat at all. You’ll find everything on one street. If that doesn’t quite meet your needs, restaurants such as Roots or Chickpea Eatery will satisfy all vegetarians!

And then everything changed.

Shake ’em Buns serves up your American-style burgers with flair and sass. The attention to detail in every element of this burger will leave you utterly amazed that such a level of comfort food can be served. From the quality of the bun to your selection of toppings, relish and choice of dirty fries: Shake ’em Buns takes burgers to new heights.


Somehow, tacos found their way to Da Nang. I’m going to estimate that there are at least 10 locations city, and all focus heavily on both soft and hard shell goodness! Some have stayed, some have sadly left us, few are yet to disappoint.

While some prefer Tacos Da Nang –simple yet flavoursome– others would look no further that Taco Ngon –Taiwanese and Mexican fusion, that conjures some magic that you crave once a week.

If you have any connection with tacos be that living in the Americas or knowing people who do, you’ll be shaking your head already. That is what Mexican Choice is for. Mexican Choice is run by Mexicans and offers a much more traditional approach to the taco game. Simple, delicious and sometimes sloppy with a homemade corn tortilla.


An essential for any foreigner looking to live in a different country, or even stop by for a short amount of time, is a excellent place to find a good breakfast. While a variety of prices and standards are available, you’ll not fall short of those options.

For the higher end of the spectrum we have Six-on-Six, a small café that could be confused with a modern living room that serves up hearty –by hearty, I mean huge– classics.

For those on a budget yet still wanting to have the home-comfort of a good breakfast there are two options: Minis and Happy Heart Café.

Minis is run by no other than Mini, a hard-working woman who would serve half of Da Nang without batting an eyelid; her potato hash is what dreams are made of. Hearty Café is more of an establishment that a café. Reputed for having some of the best western food in the city, Happy Heart is run by staff who are hearing impaired and full of enthusiasm.

What are your favourite eateries in Da Nang? Pass ‘em on down below.

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