As I start to think about packing for my trip to Thailand, I’ve put together a small list of the essentials I have come to love, that at one point, hadn’t crossed my mind.

When packing for a long trip, you need the fine skill of covering every eventuality; packing for all conditions and preparing for the extremities that Mother Nature may throw at you.

So, while you’re battling over what five outfits your going to be rocking for the next month, don’t forget these essentials;

A Travel Towel

Super compact and light as a feather, these towels don’t feel so good on your skin, but they dry incredibly fast; ideal for those early check-outs.

One of the best things about these towels is how small you can fold them; buying you some time before the inevitable battle when packing your rucksack towards the end of your trip.

A Light, Waterproof Jacket

Newsflash! It rains – everywhere!

As much as you think you may be escaping miserable weather by travelling to more tropical parts of the world, no matter where you go, rain will soon follow.

Don’t be caught out!

It may not be glamorous; some countries don’t do drizzles; re-usable ponchos are advised.

Mosquito Repellent

Over the last few years, cases of mosquito-related diseases have risen to devastatingly high levels. Staying protected, particularly in notably dangerous areas, is essential.

DEET will do the job, but if you have sensitive skin, it burns. Aside from the burning sensations, your hostel bunk-buddies will not be your friends for much longer if you gas them with the smell so you might want to consider an alternative.

Citronella essential oil-based mosquito repellents are completely free of chemicals, protect you and smell so much better so everyone will be happy. If you can find it, 100% citronella oil guarantees that no mosquito will ever what to come near you!

In addition to the repellents, keeping a low salt diet and avoiding floral perfumes or moisturisers is strongly advised.

Should you have aches and pains, lack of energy, high fever and/or a rash, seek medical attention immediately

A Hoodie

If you are headed for the sunshine, don’t overlook this one!

Tropical countries are also known for having some of the most powerful air-con around.

During the day, you’ll be sweating like crazy wandering the streets in 35 degree-heat but everywhere from coffee shops and supermarkets to the bus to your next destination will be blasting what feels like Baltic temperatures.

If you feeling a bit on the tired-side after your travels, this is a one-way ticket to sickness, so keep your hoodie close by.


It may seem obvious, but re-application is the key!

Red is definitely not a good colour, for anyone. So save yourself from pain and embarrassment and apply regularly.

Remember, the closer to the equator you are, the hotter it is and the stronger the sun, so leave your factor 8 at home, even on cooler days, where it seems that the sun is not particularly strong – it is!

Waterproof Wallet

A friend introduced me to these beauties that are ideal for solo travellers.

You might think that you look like a tourist holding a ‘rob me’ sign, as it’s a bit too close to sporting a fanny pack, but these little cases are a wonderful invention and are available from most souvenir shops that are close to beaches.

Pop your phone, keys and money in and wear it like a tiny cross-over handbag and say hello to carefree swimming and forget about your things being snatched; genius!

A Waiter’s Friend

If you’ve ever worked in a bar, then you will understand the true value of owning one of these, and travelling is with no exception.

Whether you are looking to fix, cut, make a hole or help out the one guy who brought a bottle of wine with a cork to the party; a waiter’s friend is the answer.

A Scarf-sarong-style Piece Of Material

When travelling light, the problem of how many towels you should take is a big issue when it comes to compromising space in your rucksack.

My answer to this; you only need one (see essential number 1).

When looking for something for the beach, go for a scarf-style piece of material, available in all markets across the world; light, soft and easy to air, so it doesn’t stink.

When it’s hot, the sun can dry you, and after a little shake of this scarf, you needn’t worry about getting sand in your bag.

Problem solved.

What are your essentials for travelling? Let me know.

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