5 Ways to Stay Creative.

Art school is an absolute dream.

A studio space, workshops, technicians, creative people: it’s an artist paradise.

In reality, that’s not what life as a creative is like.

Life after art college is tough: no space to make big artworks, no facilities, no time, no money.

And with all this: no motivation.

As creative people, making things is really important. That much is obvious, right?

So remind yourself of these 5 simple things to keep your creative juices flowing:


It’s okay to downsize

There is nothing worse than throwing out something you’ve spent weeks on because you can’t take it to your next destination. Do yourself a favour and don’t make this mistake: I did!

Downsize and compose for a later date when you have somewhere to store or sell your artwork.

In the meantime, get all your favourite materials and a sketchbook or two and have them close by to capture your ideas as they come.


Focus on small projects

Harness those ideas and put them into something meaningful.

One big turn off when it comes to being creative is feeling you don’t have anything to make.

Challenge yourself to learn something new, revive that project you ditched years ago or brush up on some old skills that you wish you had paid more attention too.

Remember that concepts are not always necessary.

Make it simple and focused, so you don’t run out of steam or become afraid of making something that’s not great.

Focus on experimentation.


Get out and see some art

This one is really simple, you only have to use your feet and your eyes.

Checking out what’s going on around you regularly can really give your creativity some momentum.

Seeing other artworks is a great inspiration. Or suggestion of what not to do, but you can be the judge of that.


Be wild: apply for residencies

Big talk, I know!

But why not?

Dedicate some well deserved time to your practice.

A residency gives the quality ‘me, myself and I’ time to you and your art need. There’s no pressure to make something remarkable. Sometimes it’s nice to have the head space and physical space to create things.

See it as a creative holiday and really go for it. Be big, bold and damn right daring: it could be a while before you have that space again.


Finally: don’t give up

Just because it’s not your job, doesn’t mean creativity can’t be part of your life.

If making helps you to have a break from everyday monotony, then go ahead and make. It’s amazing how much happier the odd drawing or splash of paint can make you.

If it has always been part of your life, don’t let it go.


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